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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IPsupermarket is listed on Global Semiconductor Alliance WebSite

GSA decision to list the IPsupermarket website on their resource page will increase the traffic & alliance of both the GSAGlobal & IPsupermarket.This partnership creates marketing synergies for both the companies to target the wide need for IPs in numerous application types.

GSA listed the IPSupermarket in their reference material of the IP catalog resources. IPsupermarket IP catalog provides GSA members with direct access to IPsupermarket's comprehensive catalog of Software IP & IP core, which serves as a valuable resource for SOC designers, Design House, Semicon & Services Companies, OEM and Freelancers.

IPSupermarket is offering free membership for the Buyers who are looking about the information on IPs and also offering Free Membership to the sellers who are looking to sell their IPs.

For more information about the GSA Listing please visit at: or Browse

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to Procure H.264 video codecs

In my previous post, promote or procure software IPs, I've explained about why and where to promote various soft IPs. This post is about particular site, which depicts how one can easily procure software codecs such as H.264.

The portal called is a niche portal, which is focused only on soft IPs. There are lots of IP providers who have listed their soft IPs at this portal and hence one can compare same IP(codec) from different provider about its technical parameter/performance etc.

For instance if you are looking for H.264 / MPEG 4 AVC encoder / decoder; you can search and compare it at As discussed earlier you can also view detailed parameters/technical specification and ask the IP owner information. Why one should procure software IPs at
  • It saves the huge technological development cost.
  • It also saves the great amount of time to be spent on for development
  • You can compare the various IPs and get the best quality of IP.
Below is a snapshot of how one can compare H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC encoder/decoder?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Promote or Procure Software IPs

In 21st century Technology companies are actively looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies. The new business mindset is-‘If there's a method by which something can be done quicker or cheaper, why not use it? '. This trend initially paved the way for outsourcing as a means to significantly reduce the cost of services.

Today Technology companies are facing major problems to develop their own IP due to

  • Rapid Technological advancement
  • Time Constraint
Hence, they are actively looking for Procure various Software IPs; Whereas majority of them are looking for how to promote their IPs? Due to

  • Limited Geographical Market
  • Less visibility in Online Market
  • Lack of proper & credible platform to promote their IPs.
What is software IP?

Software Intellectual Properties (IP) are ready-to-use software components and source code for various technology applications. Such Software IPs are audio codecs, video codecs, speech codecs, image codecs, wireless technologies, embedded software, reference design, device drivers, RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems), etc.

Why to promote Software IP online?

If you are business organization / developer of software IP, you must have spent adequate amount time and monetary resource to develop it. Now you would probably thinking in terms of business perspective to market it, but in challenging & competitive business environment, it's very hard to make a footprint for your software IPs in the market.

To make your IPs visible by prospective buyers companies, you should advertise and promote your software IPs in offline as well as in online by spending huge amount of money. And more interestingly these software IPs are not general software or any other products, they are very niche. Hence, advertising it offline is not pragmatic option. Never the less promoting software IPs through online is very cost effective option. There are also some intermediaries or IP Portals which helps you to promote your IPs, even freely.

Why to procure Software IP online?

If you are a company or organization developing new software/hardware design, which requires the huge technology development cost, time. It's better to go for online IP trading portals where you can buy software IPs. The main advantage is; you can compare various software IPs from different sellers and procure the best one which suits you.

Procuring Soft IPs in such cases always have safeguard against rapid technology advancement. This will also help you to launch your design/product in the market before competitors do it. Hence, you could be benefited by early mover / first mover in the market.

What types of Software IPs can be promoted or procured?

Software Intellectual Properties (IPs) are ready-to-use software components and source code for various technology applications. Such Software IPs are:
audio codecs, video codecs, speech codecs & image codecs, wireless IPs or technologies, embedded software, reference design, Silicon IPs, device drivers, RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems), etc.

Where to Buy/Sell or License Software IPs?

There are lots of Online search Platform are available for Software IPs, where opportunities can be explored at portals like ( designandreuse ( or designwin - and their services are available worldwide to businesses, technical experts and software developers. Among these portals, IPsupermarket is focused on only software IP area.